• 2015-Save-the-Date-Slider-ImageMarch 9, 2015: Teach-In on The Western Frontier

      Save the date for this great day of teaching, sharing, and learning.
      The keynote speakers for this event include Tim Egan, National Book Award-winning Author of The Worst Hard Time, and Alan Taylor, an award winning Author and Thomas Jefferson Foundation Chair in the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia. This year’s event promises to be a captivating day of teaching about the birth, growth, trials, and accomplishments of the American West.

    • A Special Occasion For Students, Alumni, and Oklahoma

      Oklahoma will have a unique opportunity to attend and participate in OU’s “Teach-In on The Western Frontier” Monday, March 9 on the main campus in Norman. The incredible array of American authors and historians who will be featured during the day represent some of the best scholarship on the captivating American West.

    • Why The Teach-In?

      The University of Oklahoma is committed to making sure that our students are prepared for citizenship when they graduate, and the Teach-In reflects that commitment.

      I believe that a solid understanding of our country’s history has never been more urgent.  America cannot remain great unless all of us understand how we overcame adversity and became great in the first place. – David L. Boren, President

      OU is becoming a national leader in making civic education an integral part of the college experience.  I’m proud to say that our new concentration and minor in Constitutional Studies makes OU the only top-tier university where an undergraduate can focus his or her studies on the American Constitution and its history.

The University of Oklahoma Teach-In
Norman, OK · Monday, March 10, 2014

President BorenThe Teach-In is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished so far and a statement of our commitment to teaching American history.  This year's event, which promises to be one of OU's most important single-day programs, will focus on the topic of the Western Frontier and will feature lectures from the nation's top authors and historians on the American West.

David L. Boren, President

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Monday, March 9, 2015
Schedule to be Announced Soon

Please check back for an updated schedule for this year’s Teach In on Monday, March 9, 2015.