About the Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage

iach_footerUniversities, especially public universities, can do more to promote civic education.

That simple idea led President David Boren of the University of Oklahoma to found the Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage. The motto of OU is civi et reipublicae: for the citizen and for the country. The motto reminds us that citizenship training is an integral part of higher education’s mission and its justification.

The IACH is inherently multidisciplinary, bringing together historians, legal scholars, political scientists, classicists, and others in a shared exploration of constitutional foundations.

The IACH at OU offers a unique undergraduate curriculum known as Constitutional Studies, which can be pursued as a free-standing minor or a concentration within the Letters major. Visit the IACH website.

The IACH sponsors a broad range of programming free and open to the public, like our annual Teach-In. The outreach mission of the IACH brings the talents and resources of its faculty to the broader community, and in turn the community enriches the conversations hosted by the IACH.

For more information, email iach@ou.edu.